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The lives of three modern-day women collide when Anya of Mahet, a blind priestess living in the matriarchal times of 2,000 BC Malta, foretells a time when women will be under the dominion of men. To fulfill her prophecy and build a bridge through time, Anya sends her visions forward thousands of years.

Scotty D. Jones, an aging rock star in denial about the downward spiral of her life, can’t escape Anya’s haunting presence. A successful doctor, Abigail DiGiorno, and her niece Talia are impacted with the same shared visions. Through unexpected synchronicity, the women travel to Malta following clues of Anya’s hope to restore the reverence of the Sacred Priestesses of ancient times. 

With vivid, imperfect characters and mesmerizing scenes that cross centuries, Path to the Priestess Temple is a powerfully told story of the wise and sensuous gifts all women inherently possess, inspiring us to ponder what it is to be human in a rapidly changing world.

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