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 The Prairies Book Review   11/24/24

Path to the Priestess Temple

5 Stars  *****


by Dianne Adel

An exquisitely rendered tale…

Three modern-day women are drawn together by a blind priestess in Adel’s lyrical latest novel. Anya of Mahet, a priestess from 8th century BC Malta, foresees a time when women become subjugated to men, and sets off a chain of events, sending her vision hundreds of centuries into the future. Aging rockstar Scotty D. Jones finds herself unable to escape the priestess’s influence while Abigail DiGiorno, a successful doctor, and her niece share in the same visions. Soon, these three women join forces to restore the priestesses’ reverence. Broad and imaginative in scope, the story opens up the protagonists’ world, exploring their fears and motivations. Adel’s writing flows like poetry, and the plot moves leisurely yet intensely as it explores its characters’ inner worlds. The narrative alternates between the past and the present, shifting from a third-person omniscient narration to Anya’s first-person voice, adding intrigue and depth as it goes along. The novel is as much about feminine empowerment as it is about personal growth. A stunner of a book from a writer to watch. 

Reader's Favorite Review

by Pikasho Deka     11/13/24

5 Stars  *****

Path to the Priestess Temple by Dianne Adel is an intriguing drama with fantastical overtones about three women at different phases of their lives on a journey of self-discovery.....Path to the Priestess Temple is a story about womanhood and finding one's own place in life. Dianne Adel's use of fantastical elements to reinforce the themes of the narrative hits the nail right on the head and makes the story all the more fascinating....The narrative is very character-driven, focusing on the lives of the three main characters, while another plot thread follows Anya's tale. I especially liked the relationship dynamics between Anya and Sondro, Talia and Niko, and Scotty and Abigail. Although primarily written for female readers, I think even men will find a lot to love about this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you should too!


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