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 Available in Paperback and on Kindle 

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     Author of debut novel

Path to the Priestess Temple

Dianne Adel’s debut novel, Path to the Priestess Temple  is a triumph. A time travel novel that walks between modern times and prehistory, this is a celebration of women and the sacred strengths we are called on to remember. Adel draws each character with deft skill, so much so that I find myself longing to be friends with my favorite character, Scotty Jones.

This book is filled with reverence and irreverence, humor and heart, but most of all the author reveals her deep love and respect for the many facets of not just being a woman, but a human being.

Crissi McDonald - Author

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This wonderful book, Path to the Priestess Temple, arrived today - Run, walk or saunter but buy this book - I guarantee it will be one of your favorite reads this year. Dianne Adel is such a gifted writer - the characters are funny, complex and wrapped in a mystery so deep it crosses over to connect 2,000 BCE Malta with a trio of present day women in California, all in service to the Goddess and her path. This is a must-read and one of my top 5 books for 2023.

Linda Shreve  Goddess Within Us

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